For Hospital Partners

Making birth tissue donation a potential part of every Caesarean section delivery is a potent new way for hospitals to serve their communities.

The birth tissue recovery program at New Mexico Donor Services is a powerful means for mothers to make their birth even more special. Up to 50 people will benefit from the therapeutic agents of each birth tissue donation. And the process is simple and seamless for participating hospitals and providers.

It’s no longer necessary to discard birth tissue when it can be recovered for use in multiple surgical procedures and wound healing applications. Birth tissue is now being developed for orthopedic, dental, and eye surgeries; burn treatment; ulcers and bed sores; and in reducing inflammation to prevent scar tissue development.

With credentials earned from over 40 years developing tissue donation programs, New Mexico Donor Services provides everything the hospital needs to implement the program:


  • staff training and education
  • brochures for expectant mothers who plan to have a Caesarean birth, outlining the program and benefits of birth tissue donation
  • appropriate consent forms and HIPPA compliance
  • processing of blood samples (four additional tubes taken during along with the regular blood draw upon admission) to ensure the patient is free of infectious diseases
  • handling the tissue in the delivery room
  • packaging, labeling, and shipping the tissue


Our exceptional team of professionals has saved and improved lives by connecting organ and tissue donations to the patients who need them. We are a fully accredited agency following all FDA regulations and guidelines for the transfer of HCT/P tissue-based products under 21 CFR Part 1271.

Thank you in advance for making birth tissue recovery a part of your hospital’s birth center! You are joining thousands of physicians across the medical industry in extending the benefits of birth tissue donation across the United States. We are grateful for your critical support of this program.