For Healthcare Professionals

Birth tissue donation is a special gift. We appreciate your support, not only in making donation possible for your patients but in communicating the significance of birth tissue recovery as an option for others. As you know, donated tissue is a priceless gift for those who need its healing possibilities.

New Mexico Donor Services strives to make the tissue recovery process as seamless and unobtrusive as possible, coordinating every aspect with your team along the way:

  • Once the patient has made her decision for birth tissue donation, we will provide the appropriate consent forms and – with your assistance – ensure they are signed prior to delivery.
  • We will review the patient’s medical record to rule out any known issues that might compromise the safety of the donation.
  • At the time of admission for the Caesarean section, we will ask your staff to draw an additional four tubes while performing the initial blood draw for the patient. This helps avoid inconveniencing the patient for a second draw.
  • We will test the patient’s blood for infectious diseases and report any unexpectedly positive results to you and to the Public Health Department for appropriate follow-up and care.
  • During the Caesarean delivery, our staff will be present to accept hand-off of the birth tissue in the operating room. It is important the birth tissue be removed intact and received in a sterile manner to ensure utmost safety for the recipient.
  • Once received, we will handle the birth tissue from that point forward, including appropriate documentation, packaging, labeling, and transport.


For the smoothest transfer of the birth tissue, we know it’s important to inform and educate your OB/GYN teams in these steps. We are available to provide information to your staff in advance of this and future births so that questions about birth tissue donation, how the gift is used, and procedural information for the birth itself can be thoroughly explored.

We comply with HIPPA laws and FDA regulations that relate to tissue donation. Learn more about our accreditation and history here.